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Celebrities Get Pimples Too

Everybody Gets Pimples Celebrities seems annoyingly perfect all the time. They grace the pages of our favorite magazines with no cellulite, acne or even a stray hair!  Although airbrushing is a widely known tool used to make these stars flawless, sometimes we overlook it’s usage and wind up beating ourselves up for not being as pretty, thin or pimple free. […]

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Shape the perfect eyebrow
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How To: Shape The Perfect Eyebrow

Shaping The Perfect Eyebrow For Your Face Shape Many women seriously underestimate the power of amazing eyebrows. They are the frames of your face! It’s time to stop aimlessly plucking and start showing them a little respect. Check out the following steps to making your own eyebrows red carpet worthy:  Shaping- Creating the perfect shape can definitely be the most […]

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Megan Fox Eyebrows
Celebrity Beauty, Celebrity Makeup

Celebrity Eyebrow Inspiration 2009

I love a good eyebrow. They frame the face, call attention to the eyes and give you an all around polished look. Check out these celebs for some major brow inspiration Eva Mendes Hayden Panettiere Jennifer Connely Olivia Wilde Angelina Jolie and I saved my favorite for last….. Megan Fox She is always groomed, trimmed and filled to perfection. Photo Credits: […]

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