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Review: MUFE High Definition Elixir

MAKE UP FOREVER’S High Definition Elixir is a relatively new product. I have been carrying it around in my kit for several weeks waiting for opportunity to finally be able to use it. Luckily for me, I was given two opportunities this past week to test out the product.

What is it?

MUFE Elixir is a serum desinged to hydrate and brighten your skin. MUFE says that it boosts the skin’s hydration levels up to 520% after 15 minutes, and lasts throughout the day (175% after 6 hours)! The unique formula is also said to restore skin’s radiance and leave a super smooth surface for the rest of your makeup.


I definitely recommend Makeup Forever’s Elixir if you suffer from dryness anywhere on your face. When your skin is flaky and dehydrated, makeup tends to get caught and gather in the dry areas. When you massage a little bit of the Elixir into your skin, it hydrates and eliminates any dryness. MUFE’s Elixir is oil free and quick drying, there’s no greasiness at all. 

Test 1: On a recent photo shoot, I was working with a model who has been taking Accutane (an intense acne treatment), leaving her with extremely dry, flaky skin. I prepped her skin with the Elixir, massaging it into her whole face and then letting it sink in for a few minutes. A little goes a long way! It is very lightweight and it absorbs very quickly. After the Elixir,  I applied a heavier creamy moisturizer and finally foundation. I kept a close eye on her throughout the 8 hour shoot, and the makeup held up great.

Test 2: During the same week on a commercial shoot, an actress with dry skin sat in my chair. Her skin was not as bad as the first model, but she had flakiness in corners of her nose and dryness underneath her eyes and around her chin. I massaged MUFE’s Elixir into the dry spots with my finger tips and they disappeared completely allowing the rest of the makeup to glide on. There was no hint of dryness anywhere, and we were shooting in HD.

I like having Makeup Forever’s Elixir in my skin prep bag for emergencies. Sometimes I need the extra hydration and I feel like this product gives it to me. I’m curious to find more uses for it.

Disclaimer: I purchased this product on my own. It was not provided for review consideration. 

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