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Review: Pillowettes ~ A New Kind of Cotton Pad

Today I am stepping outside of the usual range of products I review in order to highlight a new item I’ve recently added to my kit. Pillowettes by Intrinsics are miniature cotton pillows for your face, and they are wonderful. Made from 100% absorbent cotton fiber, Pillowettes are ideal for makeup removal, and the fact that they are lint free makes them perfect for a variety of different uses.

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Before I start a makeup application, I always prep the skin. The first step of this process is cleaning a client’s skin with a cotton pad soaked in cleansing oil or micellar water. Is it just me, or is it super awkward to hold a cotton pad while wiping someone else’s face? I always feel like I’m a simple slip of the hand away from scratching them. It’s obvious that people who make cotton pads are intending the consumer to use them on themselves, because the design is not easy when using them on others. My  favorite thing about Intrinsics’ Pillowettes is that they’ve designed a slip case for your fingers to sit inside! I use 3 fingers inside of the designated finger pouch and it offers so much more control when cleansing the skin. This also helps me to complete skin prep faster and any second that I can save is always welcomed. I can also imagine that these would be an excellent tool for estheticians, as Pillowettes can also be used to apply or remove products, wax etc.

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In addition to skin prep, I’ve also been using Pillowettes to catch fallout from eyeshadow when touching up, or changing looks. I slide two fingers in the pouch and place the cotton under my model or actor’s eye while I apply shadow with my other hand. Any product that falls down sticks to the Pillowette and it helps me to avoid any unnecessary clean up on the skin.

When using Pillowettes on set, I was extremely happy to find that they are lint free. This makes it perfect when using them for eye makeup removal in between looks, without getting cotton pieces stuck in the client’s lashes.  Because of the lint free design, I also recently started using Pillowettes to remove nail polish and they’re so absorbent that I was able to clean 5 of my nails without having to change pads.

PillowettesAfter initially testing Pillowettes on my nails, I decided to show them to my sister who is a manicurist, and she was also a fan of the design. To quote: “The double sided cotton makes polish removal so simple. It makes each process a lot more time efficient with little to no mess.” She suggested using Pillowettes to remove gel polish by soaking it in acetone and sliding two or three fingers inside with the more absorbent side touching your nail. Leave for 5-10 minutes and the gel should slide off easily, saving you a trip to the salon.

When you hold a Pillowette next to a regular cotton pad, the differences are obvious. Pillowettes are sturdier and a more high end than anything you can buy at the drugstore. While they are a great option for just about anyone, I feel that Intrinsics made Pillowettes with professionals in mind. The quality of the design and the cotton is nothing less than I’d expect from a professional product, and I will be keeping these in my kit.

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Disclosure: While this post was sponsored,  all opinions and ideas are my own.

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