Kylie Cosmetics: Koko Kollection Review, Swatches + Giveaway

After the first launch of Kylie Cosmetics’ Koko Kollection,  I saw a swatch of “OKurrr” on Instagram and needed this color. To be honest, I haven’t really paid much attention to Kylie’s line until now. For this collection though, every color stood out to me and the the price for the set of 4 lipsticks was only $40 so I decided to get it. Check out my reviews below and scroll all the way down to learn how to win a set of your own!

Koko Kollection 2016

Kylie Cosmetics - Koko Collection Swatches

Damn Gina


Damn Gina is the only gloss in this set, and I feel like it was the most underrated of the collection. It’s a beautiful pinky-nude with flecks of glitter. Damn Gina looked really natural on my lips and it wasn’t sticky at all. It’s more of satiny gloss and I really like the formula and how it feels on my lips. I would definitely buy more of Kylie’s glosses based on this one. Out of the whole Koko Kollection, this was my unexpected favorite.


Damn Gina only lasted about 2 hours, but that’s pretty good for a gloss. I noticed that even though the gloss was rubbed off, some of the pigment along with glitter particles remained, so it still looked like I was wearing something on my lips.

Koko Kollection



I was excited about this color based on the swatches I’d seen online, but it’s a lot more mauve than the nude I was expecting. The color is pretty but I really wanted it to be nude and I’m a little too pale for that to happen. It would be great for medium to medium-deep skintones though.

When applying this color It didn’t matter how well I prepped my lips, Khlo$ made them super dry and crepey. My boyfriend even said he noticed they look dry, which is not something you wanna hear..


When Khlo$ was applied, there was immediate separation between the color and the inside of my lips (see photo above). As the day went on, the color near the corners of my lips started to flake off. It also didn’t completely dry down and remained tacky when I pressed my lips together.

Despite the above issues, Khlo$ did last forever. At the 5 hour mark, I ate a salad and even though it faded a little during this time, I still was able to go without a touchup. By the 9th hour, the inner area of the lipstick was faded, but my lips were stained by the color so it was still passable.  

This color did not do well with touchups. The more layers you apply, the more cakey it looks.

Kylie Lip Kits



The reason I bought the collection, and my favorite color of the bunch.  OKurrr applied a lot smoother than Khlo$ and it didn’t make my lips feel as dry. It also went on totally opaque and not streaky. I’m not the biggest fan of liquid lipstick to begin with but I did like the formula of this one. I’m not sure why it was so different than Khlo$.


I applied Okurrr and then ate lunch. It stayed on perfectly through eating and drinking and then for the next 5 hours. At dinner, I had Mexican food and by the end of the meal the entire inner rim of the lipstick was gone, and there was a clear line where the lipstick ended and my lips began. Unlike Khlo$, this color layered ok and I was able to touch it up. I did notice that as the lipstick faded, it started tasting bitter when I licked my lips..

Kylie Cosmetics: Koko Kollection



Applying Gorg for the first time was a mess. I’m not sure if something is wrong with the doe-foot applicator but it was way harder to get a clean line with this one (you can see what I mean in the swatch picture, above). I needed to go back with a pointed q-tip and makeup remover to clean it up and which is not something I’ve experienced with a liquid lipstick before.

The color was a little watery and really streaky.  I had to apply three coats in certain areas and it still didn’t look totally opaque. The deep burgundy color is beautiful, but it takes work to make Gorg happen.


Gorg dries down almost completely and was a lot less tacky than Khlo$. This color is similar to Okurrr, as it’s not super drying. Unfortunately, this shade only lasted about 2 hours before I started to see separation on the inner lip area. At the 3 hour mark, it was starting to crumble near the corners of my mouth, probably because I had to layer it so much in the initial application. This color did not hold up well to eating, and after dinner it was half gone and my lips were stained bright pink for the rest of the day.

Formula wise, Gorg was my least favorite of the Koko Kollection.

Kylie Cosmetics - Khloe Kardashian

I’m surprised at the inconsistencies of the Koko Kollection. Gorg and Khlo$ did not live up to the Kylie Cosmetics hype but I really do love Okurr and Damn Gina is my new favorite gloss. I wish it wasn’t limited edition.


As of Nov 17th, the Koko Kollection is sold out with no rumors of a third release. However, due it’s popularity, I purchased a second set to giveaway to my readers! Head over to my Instagram to read the rules and learn how to enter:

Instagram: @BTSmakeup


Disclaimer: I purchased both Koko Kollection sets and have not been contacted by the company to make this review or facilitate this giveaway. 

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    I love how informative you are about the products!! Adds a very nice touch.

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