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OCC Releases Vegan Makeup Brushes!

Last week the 100% Vegan and PETA Approved brand, released their highly anticipated line of Vegan Professional Makeup brushes! OCC has been raising the bar when it comes to Cruelty Free products for years, and these professional brushes are a fantastic alternative to the traditional, animal hair brushes.

David Klasfeld, the founder of OCC, gave us a little more information about his brand’s newest release..

Why did you decide to create a line of vegan makeup brushes?

“It was actually our customers who inspired us to create the new brush line. We received so many requests for this type product because our customers realized that we had quickly become the industry leader in professional makeup products that were not only cruelty-free, but completely vegan as well. This really made us determined to create the best line of synthetic brushes out there, not only for use by artists, but for our customers’ use at home as well.”

OCC was the official makeup sponsor of LA Fashion Week and I heard that the artists working the shows were some of the first to field test these brushes. What feedback did you receive from the makeup artists at the shows, and will your brushes be a viable option for professionals, as well as consumers, in terms of quality and performance?

“While synthetic brushes of varying quality is no major innovation in the cosmetics industry, ours is the first entirely synthetic line to be determined completely by artist feedback and tested for performance in professional situations before being made available for sale.  Feedback at LA Fashion Week could not have been more positive. Any suggestions made were taken into account before the brushes went into mass production, and are now available as determined and approved by our artists.”

The introductory selection of brushes include:

Large Round Powder Brush

Foundation Brush

Concealor Brush

Tapered Blending Brush

Angled Blending Brush

Short Shader Brush

Large Shader Brush

Small Shader Brush

Angle Brush

Check Them Out HERE

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