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Color Correcting the Right Way: A Makeup Artist’s Guide

There’s a new makeup trend that’s rapidly gaining popularity and to be honest, I’m scared. When done correctly, color correcting can make a difference if you have certain discolorations however, if last year’s contour craziness is any indication of what’s to come..  I foresee disaster. What is Color Correcting and How Does it Work? In order to understand color correcting, we need to think back […]

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City Pharma Tips and Haul: How to Save a Ton of Money on Skincare When in Paris

It’s been a few years since I’ve had the pleasure of spending time in Paris, so naturally a trip to the French Pharmacy was on the agenda. City Pharma is the pharmacy to stock up on skincare and other goodies. They carry almost everything you could ever want, it’s prices rival other pharmacies in Paris, and they usually have majorly tempting specials. Unfortunately, word has […]

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How To: Refill Your Travel Sized BIODERMA

What You’ll Need Bioderma 250ml Bioderma 100ml bottle Small Bowl Needle Point Syringe As a makeup artist, there are two things that bring happiness to my life: Bioderma Crealine and travel sized containers. Unfortunately these two things do not play well together, because for some reason Bioderma has designed their bottles making it impossible to remove the lids. Not only that, but […]

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