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What to Expect at the Makeup Show LA 2018

It’s that time of year again! The Makeup Show LA 2018 is happening this weekend and as usual, they have an excellent line up of keynote speakers and a massive list of brands offering show specials along with your regular pro discounts.

The Makeup Show is by far my favorite makeup trade show that comes through Los Angeles. They keep it professional and it’s a great place to meet other artists as well as the faces behind the companies that we love to work with. Keep reading to see what to expect at this year’s show.


Per usual, the exhibitors at The Makeup Show LA are quality, kit-worthy brands. I love that they don’t just let anyone with a glitter product exhibit.

This year, I’m excited to play with Kristopher Buckle’s line as well as Danessa Myricks Beauty. Last year I discovered Veil Cosmetics, so I’m excited to stop by their booth for more of their Sunset Light Primer. I also usually pick up a new Hakuhodo or two.


One thing that sets The Makeup Show LA apart is that the brand owners are usually behind the booths helping you out. This gives you a unique opportunity to meet and start forming connections with the faces behind your favorite products.



The keynote speakers at The Makeup Show LA 2018 suit a wide range of artist’s interests.

On Saturday, the legendary Pati Dubroff will be speaking in the morning at 10AM. Pati is one of my favorite celebrity makeup artists and when I saw her speak a few years ago I picked up tips and tricks that I still use today. She will be discussing and demo’ing on Celebrity Skin and there is nobody better, so this is not one to miss.

Also on Saturday, Miss Fame, Jordan Liberty, and Joel Harlow will be giving keynotes on the main stage.


The keynote I’m most excited this weekend is Sarah Tanno on Sunday afternoon at 12PM. Sarah is the artist behind some of Lady Gaga’s most epic looks over the past few years. Her work transcends red carpet and performances, as she also has worked with Lady Gaga on American Horror Story (for which she won an Emmy) and the new feature film, A Star is Born. Sarah’s creativity is truely inspirational and I’m really looking forward to hearing what she has to say.

Also on Sunday, be sure to check out Stephanie Nicole who will be discussing social media and celebrity eyebrow guru, Damone Roberts.


In addition to the main stage keynotes, there will be dozens of seminars happening throughout the weekend. I’ve been working on getting my union days so I’m interested in the Saturday seminar “How to Get in the Union” by Sue Cabral Ebert, president of the local 706.

There will also be talent casting for a new television competition The Look: All Stars. Casting will take place both days and to enter, attendees must bring their bio, headshot and images of their work to the lounge area at the show. 


November 10-11, 2018


November 10, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
November 11, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


The California Market Center | 110 E 9th St A727, Los Angeles, CA 90079


The Makeup Show LA is only open to professionals working or studying in the beauty or fashion industries. You will need to show professional credentials at the door (business card, call sheet, student ID etc)

Check out The Makeup Show LA’s official website for the full schedule of keynotes and exhibitors to help you plan your weekend HERE

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