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What to Expect at the Makeup Show LA 2017

A few months ago, I got a bit panicky because I thought I had missed the The Makeup Show LA 2017. Turns out they just changed the dates and instead of Feb/March like usual, all the fun will be happing in November this year. The Makeup Show is by far my favorite makeup trade show that comes through Los Angeles. They keep it professional and it’s a great place to meet other artists as well as the faces behind the brands.  Keep reading to see what to expect at this year’s show.


Per usual, the exhibitors at The Makeup Show LA are quality, kit-worthy brands. I like that they don’t just let anyone with a glitter product exhibit.

This year, I’m SO excited to check out Charlotte Tilbury’s booth and play with some of her products. I’m also looking forward to stopping by IT Cosmetics and Danessa Myricks Beauty, plus the usual favorites such as Makeup Forever and AJ Crimson.

One thing that sets The Makeup Show LA apart is that the brand owners are usually behind the booths helping you out. This gives you a unique opportunity to meet and start forming connections with the faces behind the product.



The keynote speakers at The Makeup Show LA 2017 suit a wide range of artist’s interests. On Saturday morning Fidel Gonzalez (artist and publisher of XIOX Magazine), Danessa Myricks and James Vincent will hold a panel called Re-Defining Success, where they will go over everything from how to build a portfolio to landing better jobs.

The keynote speaker I’m most looking forward to is Rachel Goodwin. She’s a celebrity makeup artist represented by Streeters and the Director of Pro Artist and Red Carpet for Nars Cosmetics. Her clients include Emma Stone, Zendaya, and Brie Larson. I’ve been following Rachel for years and can’t wait to watch her do makeup while talking about her decision process as well as developing a signature style.

Saturday afternoon you can see Leonard Engleman, one of the most renowned makeup and FX artists in the film, and television industries. He has also been Cher’s personal artist for over 30 years. As a CHS graduate, I know Leonard and he’s a legend. At the end of the day, another panel will take place with Monique Boyer, Lori Taylor-Davis, Susan Cabral-Ebert and Kevin James Bennett where they will talk about current topics relevant to the makeup industry.


On Sunday morning Kevin James Bennett will be talking about building a professional kit for every type of media format; and in the afternoon Dana Bomar, artist and co-founder of Melt Cosmetics will be telling her story and offering advice.

At noon, celebrity makeup artist Joyce Bonelli will be speaking, at what will probably be one of the most popular keynotes of the weekend. Joyce is one of the first choice artists behind the Kardashians. She also works with Nicki Minaj and has a makeup line coming out soon.

Other Education

In addition to the keynotes, there will be dozens of seminars happening throughout the weekend. I’ve been working on getting my union days so I’m interested in the Saturday seminar “How to Get in the Union” by Sue Cabral Ebert, president of the local 706.

Another one to definitely check out is Eugenia Weston talking about the Art of Brows. Eugenia has worked with Bette Midler since the 80’s and she’s the queen of brows.


November 4-5, 2017


Saturday, November 4, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday, November 5, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


The California Market Center | 110 E 9th St A727, Los Angeles, CA 90079

Who Can Attend?

The Makeup Show LA is only open to professionals working or studying in the beauty or fashion industries. You will need to show professional credentials at the door (business card, call sheet, student ID etc)


Check out The Makeup Show LA’s official website for the full schedule of keynotes and exhibitors to help you plan your weekend HERE

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